Continuing Medical Education for Health Professionals

We assist clients (including University of California San Francisco and Tulane University) to create online continuing education courses on environmental health topics for health care providers.

Health Education Materials for Community Members

We assist clients (including the California Department of Public Health) to create low-literacy online and print health education materials.

Genetic Test Development, Interpretation, and Analysis

We assist biotech startup companies including Omicia, MedWhatBio, and Vinome to develop genetic testing panels and interpret whole genome sequence data and other genetic test results for patients with rare diseases and for the general public.

Risk Assessment, Research Support and Publications

We assist clients including Stanford University, the City of Oakland, and the government of New Zealand to conduct original research, perform risk assessments and statistical analysis, and interpret results. For some of these clients, we also write up the results for publication in peer reviewed journals.

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Health Risk Assessment Reports



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